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Saba Sayyed


Saba comes with over 19 years of experience

in training and education.

She holds her Masters of Philosophy in Psychology,

a Diploma in Career Counseling and Life Coaching.

She is a certified assessor of various psychometric tests.

Vandana Bora


Hi,  l am very thankful to Saba ma'am as she counselled my daughter about her career. Ma'am studied and examined Pooja's abilities, interest and intellectual 

very finely and then gave her options about various career. She explained my daughter about different colleges entrance exams, fees, syllabus and job opportunities.  I think Saba ma'am is one of the best career counselor out there. Her guidance will definitely help my daughter in future as well.


The Center of Counseling & Education is a pioneer in the counseling segment and helping people to grow in their life. We are a team of passionate professional having strong expertise gained after a long experience.

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