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The Center For Counseling & Education (CFCE) is driven by the vision to nurture and guide the young talent for a better future and happier world. Through our tried and trusted methods and unique tools, our expertise will help you discover a determined and confident you with a clear vision of success path. 

Our center has been established to provide solutions to all kind of career confusions among students and professionals. our comprehensive approach towards understanding the inner self of our clients with empathy, complete analysis, and full-fledged solution makes us a league apart. Our assistance is invaluable for those who like to take an informed career decision and avoid career disasters later in their life.

We are providing guidance and support needed for students aspiring rewarding careers with the highest standard of professionalism. The assessments highlight their interests and outline their strengths and weakness, in turn, helping them discover their true potential and interests guiding them to their desired career path.

We believe in helping the students keep the right mental attitude and suggest smart personalized counseling techniques for career growth based on the personality type, career values, and interests.

Saba Sayyed

Psychologist & Career Expert

(Masters of Philosophy in Psychology)

Total Work Experience: 19 years

               Saba Sayyed is an ambitious, strong minded dedicated individual who

is passionate and highly committed in providing the right guidance needed for the individuals aspiring for future growth. She possesses excellent leadership qualities and has been a very active member of various groups in creating career awareness and has delivered 1000+ sessions to the students.

She secures her interests in educational counseling and cognitive psychology, conducting career guidance seminars, study skills development programs, time management, dealing with exam pressures, EQ management, parenting in various schools and colleges.

She also handles teaching batches of civil service aspirants. She is associated  with Mt. Carmel school as a school counselor, Zhep remedial center, cantonment board and concern for people foundation to name a few. Being passionate about social work, Saba is associated with various NGOs like Pune Biennale, Vivekananda Kendra and Jnana Prabodhini's project Vivek Inspire, Cancer Support group of Pune as a facilitator. This year she has received a prestigious creative art therapy National level award from Sancheti healthcare foundation as a silent hero. 

(Masters in Sociology and Clinical Psychology)

Total Work Experience: 10 years

                 Ms. Deepali Raskar has worked as a school counselor for 10+ years. She holds a double Master’s degree in Sociology and Clinical Psychology. 

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in School Psychology from Jnana Prabodhini. She is a Master NLP Practitioner(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

For the past 15 years she has been associated with schools' to name a few JD Academy, Sinhgad Springdale School, Rims International School, Sardar Dasturs’ schools. She has guided more than 10,000 students of all ages.

She has worked as a lecturer in Sinhgad College, Garware College and as a facilitator for Symbiosis Centre for health care.

She is the founder of “Santulan Psychological Services” She conducts remedial classes for students with learning disorders. She hold counseling sessions for clients with psychological and clinical issues. She willingly accepts invites as a guest lecturer to talk about mental health at institutes and colleges. She is highly passionate about her subject. She believes that each every individual is unique and we can all continue to keep growing by enriching our experiences of life.

Presently she visits Badriyah High School as an expert on guiding parents and students. Also she is a visiting Psychologist at Dasturs Boys' High School guiding students in all areas of development.

Additional Services:

  • Graphologist

  • Tarot Card reader

  • Pranic healer(Energy healing)

Deepali Raskar


Psy. Therapist & NLP Practitioner

Dr. Uma M. Dalvi

Clinical Psychologist & Relationship expert

(Masters in Clinical Psychology)

Total Work Experience: 17 years

              Dr. Uma M. Dalvi is a registered psychologist (A-18654)She has over 17 years of experience working in the field of clinical psychology.

She Specializes in:

Psychometric Assessment:

She is licensed to administer the battery of reliable and valid psychometric tests of diagnosis specifically :-

  • Intelligence 

  • Psycho-educational

  • Neurological

  • Mental health related disorders and many more.

Counseling and psychotherapy:

She has been helping children, adolescents, adults and married couples to

deal with the problems that are currently affecting their daily functioning through:-

  • Behaviour modification techniques

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to deal with anxiety, depression, OCD.

  • Marital counseling

  • Parenting skills

  • Stress management

  • Interpersonal relationship etc.

(B.E Mechanical & Diploma in Career Counseling)

Total Work Experience: 3 years

              Omkar  is a transformation enthusiast and certified career counselor with 3+ years of professional experience with B.E. degree and Diploma in Life coaching is passionate about helping and motivating individuals to make positive life altering changes conducting "Incredible YOU" coaching sessions. 

Omkar who is resourceful and focused professional with strong decision making and organizational skills is devoted about social work working with suicide survivors

Omkar Pawar


Career Counselor & Life Coach

Shaharyar Zubair Ahmed Mansoor



Shaharyar is a renowned professional consultant, trainer and transformation specialist in the fields of risk management, project management, project control, GRC and organizational resiliency. He is engaged in creating leaders of the future who can face the challenges with confidence and build successful organizations and societies.

He believes that one business model does not fit all, therefore a capable leader is one who is able to lead in all situations and circumstances. He has developed and implemented organizational processes with clear objective of sustainability in achieving vision and mission.

Served giant business and industry leaders in North America, Middle east, India and far east. He has been one of the successful leaders who could perform under stress and transform the organizations from crisis to profit making. Achievements include converting location offices into highest revenue centres in the world. Leading through mergers. Creating new operating models within big organizations. Champion in reducing and eliminating departmental waste. Developing local talent. Enhancing productivity. Rectifying organizational fatigue and creating value-based performance measurement.

Actively engaged in building the skills for project managers of future, effective risk management, Qualitative and Quantitative assessment using parametric and other simulation methodologies, Risk based approach in project implementation & investment decision making, dealing with projects in crisis, organizational crisis handling & business continuity, addressing governance, assurance and compliance effectiveness and maturity, review of critical project’s performance, project intervention and recovery.

Shaharyar has graduation in mechanical engineering with postgraduate in project management, certified in disaster management, risk management, safety audit, cultural process transition. Having many international accreditation and membership with professional organizations. Pursuing research in crisis management, project management of future using blockchain technology.